5 Concession Showstoppers

A good snack is hard to find. Sure, the classic hot dog, pretzel, and soda racket makes for a decent day at the game, but what happens when concessions get serious? You’ll find out this month when The Taste of DC takes over Audi Field, a spot known for fancy culinary treats and a menu curated by local chef luminary José Andrés. Mix in The Taste’s notorious spread of the District’s best cuisine, and you’ve got one devastatingly delicious combo on your hands. (So, you know, bring a napkin or something.)

To get primed for these most excellent concessions, here’s a look at 5 of the best, worst, and weirdest drool-worthy foods featured at stadiums and arenas around the world.


In Japan, stadium snacks are just an extension of the country’s rich culinary culture, which is why battered and deep fried octopus balls (aka okonomiyaki) are served at Osaka ballgames, the home base of this savory treat.


If you’re watching a soccer (ahem, football) game in Scotland, Ireland, or England, not only are baked meat pies the snack of choice, but beef tea is also the drink that’s de rigueur. Animals and Earl Grey may seem anathema, but beef tea is actually just beef broth, which is ideal to fortify any hooligan looking to body check fans of the rival team.


People are literally bugging out over the Mariners at Safeco Field right now, because friend grasshoppers dusted with chili lime salt are the latest game day snack craze.


A staple of Mexican street food, elote is cheesy, corny, goodness in every bite. And for those who reside in our nation’s capital, these bad boys are now available for you to dig into whenever you’re watching your fave teams face off on Audi Field.


This frankenfood is a literal heart stopper. Served only at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, it’s the unholy union of a Krispy Kreme donut packed with a hot dog and smothered in raspberry jelly and chunks of bacon. May dog have mercy on your gullet if you ever find yourself within five feet of this behemoth.