The Rickey: A DC Favorite

The District is known for so many things: neoclassical monuments, cherry blossoms, hardcore punk, hardcore politics, and the city’s signature cocktail: The Rickey.

Back in the 1880s, Shoomaker’s Saloon was the place to be for politicos. After the founding owners died, Democratic lobbyist Colonial Joseph Rickey bought the place on E Street’s Rum Row, and bartender George Williamson supposedly designed a new drink in his honor. At first, the drink was bourbon-based, but by 1903 it was listed as a drink-to-know in Daly’s Bartender’s Encyclopedia, combining lime juice, gin, and seltzer.

The Rickey is deceptively simple but packs a punch. Although its fame spread far and wide throughout the 20th century, we never forgot its roots. So much so, that The DC Craft Bartender’s Guild named July Rickey Month!

If you’re hankering for a Rickey but are absolutely too lazy to combine three ingredients in a glass, here are 3 hot spots in DC to get one made for you: