Fall Cider Cocktails

It’s the first week of fall, and you know what that means: pumpkin spice football season is upon us — as is our annual Rock The Core Cider Festival. Later this month, Drink the District is throwing the autumnal bash to beat, featuring two days of entertainment, snacks, and 50+ ciders to sip and savor. If you wish you could fast forward through this sort-of-summer weather that’s hanging around, we’re here to help you get primed for the party early with 5 delicious cider cocktails that bring out the taste of fall.


Hard Cider

Directions: It’s a cider, it’s a beer, it’s a Snakebite! Mix equal parts Guinness with your favorite light, crisp cider and you’ve got a tangible combo of summery lightness and wintry darkness: the essence of fall.


Hard Cider
Ginger Beer
1 lemon wedge
3-5 cranberries
1 dash cinnamon

Directions: Muddle cranberries in a glass. Add hard cider and ginger beer to taste. Finish with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon. Voila! A spicy, sparkling, October treat.


4 oz hard apple cider
4 oz ginger beer
1.5 oz Absolut Citron vodka
Half a lime
Dash of cinnamon

Directions: Add ice cubes, hard apple cider, ginger beer, vodka, lime juice, and cinnamon in a cocktail shaker. Shake it like a polaroid picture. Pour mixture over a cooper cup filled with crushed ice.


1.5 parts gold tequila
1 part triple sec
4 parts hard cider
1 cinnamon stick

Directions: Combine tequila, triple sec, and hard cider into an Old Fashioned glass. Stir gently. Add cinnamon stick. Drink until you see the sunrise. Repeat.


2 oz bourbon
2 dashes Angostura
2 dashes bitters
1 can of cider
1 lemon peel

Directions: Build this baby on the rocks. Combine your favorite bourbon in a glass with Angostura and bitters. Slowly pour your cider of choice on top for a boozy, fall float. Garnish with a lemon peel — or slice of spiced pumpkin if you’re feeling adventurous.