Meet Lolea

The waning days of summer are for one thing: getting as many sunny days in as you possibly can, drink in hand. If you’re looking to broaden your beverage horizons, Drink The District: Wine Edition will be offering guests a chance to toast the end of the season next weekend with more than 50 wines — including three varieties of a sunny, new sangria from Spain.

Meet Lolea: an artisan-crafted combination of wine, fruit, and fizz. This sparkling sangria was made for sharing with friends, and in addition to Lolea’s refreshing, effervescent red and white sangria, there’s Lolea’s rose, infused with a hint of hibiscus, ginger, and, dare we say, danger? Handcrafted with only the finest Spanish grapes, Lolea is the perfect way to elevate your wine game. If, like us, you’re hooked after one taste, try out these two cocktails Lolea has concocted for your palate’s pleasure:


Black Cherries
Orange juice
Cherry syrup
Grand Marnier
Lola Red Sangria Nº1

Directions: combine Black cherries, orange juice, cherry syrup and a splash of Grand Marnier. Let stand for 4 hours in the cooler. Add a bottle of Lolea Red Sangria Nº1. Serve extra cold on ice!


Green apple
Lolea White Sangria Nº2

Directions: Mix 1 green apple, 1 peach, 1 banana, 1 mango and 2 tbs of sugar in a jar. When ready to serve add in 2 bottles of Lolea White Sangria Nº2. Serve in large glass with ice cubes and fruit skewers.