Netflix & Chilled: Summer Edition

The outside world is over rated. You could throw down a chunk of change on movie tickets and a couple of drinks secreted into the theatre, but why not stay in, binge a season or two, and drink a signature cocktail that’s perfectly paired with your show of choice? Our first installment of Neflix & Chilled features a few bingeworthy shows of the summer:


Yellowstone is the contemporary Wild West at its most contentious, featuring ranchers, land developers, and indigenous people fighting over precious natural resources. Regardless of who you think should win the battle, the undisputed star of the show is America’s first National Park: Yellowstone — and whisky. Lots of whisky.

The Yellowstone

Whisky, neat.

Directions: Pour yourself a tall glass of whisky, neat. Gulp it down, grimace, remove Stetson, and wipe the sweat from your brow. Try not to get shot in the process.


The publishing world can be super ageist, so a 40 year-old-mom pretends to be 26 so she can get back to work and get paid. That’s pretty much the gist of Younger, plus plenty of literary references and Millennial-mocking punchlines. For this show, a classic elevated with a youthful, feminine twist is ideal, like the Cotton Candy Old Fashioned by José Andrés over at DC’s MiniBar.

Cotton Candy Old Fashioned

2 oz rye
2 dashes of bitters
Plain, unflavored cotton candy (about a softball-size per cocktail)
Orange peel (for garnish)

Directions: Stir rye and bitters. Pour cocktail over cotton candy until all is melted. Garnish with oil from orange peel. Don’t tell anyone you put cotton candy in your drink.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This harrowing show is a dystopian vision of Christian misogyny left unchecked. In the fictional city of Gilead, fertile women are enslaved as walking wombs while men rule uber alles. Although the perfectly paired drink for this scenario would probably be bleach, it is only fiction (for now!) so a strawberry gin cocktail will have to do.

Blessed Be The Fruit

½ teaspoon sugar

1 lemon wedge
3 strawberries
2 basil leaves
3 ounces gin
Club soda

“Blessed be the fruit,” as the handmaids say, and this little drink has gin all tarted up in a fruity muddle. It’s refreshing and light, and the ideal antidote for how depressed you’re going be after binging this show.

Directions: Pulse strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar in a blender into a puree. Muddle basil leaves in a glass, add puree, club soda, and gin. Drink at least two to get through the first episode. Repeat as needed.


Pose conjures up the glittering, gritty dreams of queer and trans performers, Wall Street wannabes, and creative tastemakers in late 80’s New York City. Everything is all about opulence, and, like Trump Tower, it’s gold AF, so you’re gonna need a drink that’s fit for a queen — and just a little extra.

All That Glitters

½ ounce Goldschlager
Absolut Vodka
3 ounces champagne

Nothing says you’re living the dream (or that you’re really trying to) like chugging legit liquid gold.

Directions: Mix vodka, champagne, and Goldschlager. Try not to gag on the eleganza of this cocktail.